Jacqueline Ruvalcalba


Jacqueline Ruvalcalba knows that people walk more confidently when they’ve got a great cut and color. As a child, she watched her mother primp before a mirror, seemingly transforming herself with a head full of self-administered ringlets, or the occasional dye job. In her teens, Jacqueline began experimenting with her own hair, spiking it and embellishing it with all manner of hues. Being inventive was everything to her, and she craved a future full of fun and creative freedom. She wanted to be a hairstylist. After graduating high school in 2012, Jacqueline attended the Paul Mitchell School, where she honed her innate talents. One of her mentors introduced her to Sidney, who needed an assistant, but also wanted a gifted newcomer he could mentor. In Jacqueline, Salon Vagabond is fortunate to have someone who is flexible around the salon, and meticulous behind the chair, as she grows her clientele and develops her own bold, beautiful voice.