Aaron Hendrickson


Aaron Hendrickson is the strong and sensitive type, a duality that serves him and Salon Vagabond well as they continue to grow and evolve. Georgia-born, Aaron joined the Air Force after graduating high school, and was drawn to a wide range of film industry work when he got out. After working on local sets for seven years, Aaron wanted a new creative challenge and enrolled at the Paul Mitchell School in hopes of becoming a stylist. He not only found a calling, but met another stylist who would become his wife. At Salon Vagabond, Aaron is a cool and versatile presence, whether he’s doing lighting and production on D.J.’s film work, doling out masterful scalp massages, or scissoring a perfect men’s cut. When he’s not behind the chair, Aaron can be found in the recording studio, or playing guitar, bass or drums in one of two local bands. His goal: to mentor budding stylists someday, inspiring and guiding them the way others have done for him.