Jack Lancaster


When Jack Lancaster was a little boy, he was mystified by Toni home perms. Sure, they were stinky, but they also magically allowed you to curl someone’s hair without the ringlets washing out. He convinced a younger sister to let him try a box of it on her bangs. The result? Horrid. The sister? Livid. But Jack recalls it as his first experience in making things right for a customer. As he grew older, Jack understood that his heart was in the hair profession. He apprenticed with various stylists, got his license, and began working in select Atlanta-area salons, quickly establishing himself as a scissoring expert, and a hilarious one at that. When he heard that Salon Vagabond was opening not far from his Grant Park home, he Googled his way to Sidney, instantly connecting with him and what would become his new workplace, which, he says, is beyond anything he could imagine.